Friday, May 6, 2011

Looking to borrow a soldering iron. Filled in 2 seconds!

We have been seeing some great stuff happening in our Seattle facebook group recently, but nothing as cool as the offer that was filled in 2 seconds.

We have always admired the efficiency and scope of Freecycle. It is a great organization that provides free items to people who need them and keeps these items out of land fills. I've heard many times of the efficiency of a simple yahoo email list; when something good is listed, it GOES, FAST.

I was curios to see if the same thing could happen in the opposite direction, and it did!

Conventional wisdom suggests it should be no surprise that where there is a giver, there are takers. But would the same be true for people just asking for stuff? Even if they are not offering direct compensation? The answer, which we were pleasantly surprised with, was yes! In 2 seconds flat.

I think it could be a sign!

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