Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A rose by any other name

Is it underused asset utilization? Collaborative consumption? Allocative efficiency? Idle capacity reduction? Fractional ownership? Timesharing? 

Or is it just sharing?

When multiple people use the same asset, it's just sharing. And it's just smart. Hotels aren't known as "p2p room sharing networks" (for good reason)- but it makes no sense to buy a whole new house when you go on vacation for a few days, or to bring your existing house with you. 

Access is the new own. Assets will (should) be more like that famous coffee commercial, "good til the last drop".


gurghet@mac.com said...

Actually there ARE p2p room sharing networks. And they are awesome!

ab said...

Agreed! They are awesome. Airbnb is changing the world and the folks at www.GuestVessel.com are good friends of ours. I meant to write, hotels aren't KNOWN AS p2p room shares, not that p2p room shares don't exist.