Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Questions about or policy to send new users ANYTHING they want to borrow for 2 weeks!

Hello, I have just learned about neighborrow and am very curious about how exactly it works. How do you request an item? Who can vouch for you? Is there size or weight limits on items? Are any items available or only ones shipped and sold directly from amazon? What happens if you keep an item for longer than the two weeks? Thank you for your help, Jessie Rose
Sent by Adam Berk
great questions - you request an item on the public wall... you should see some examples, anyone can vouch for you as long as it is not pure spam... 25 pounds is the limit for FREE shipping... ANY item on Amazon that someone else could reasonably use after you... if you keep it longer than 2 weeks we charge you $25 for the first week $50 for the second week then the whole value of the item for the 3rd week... if you find a CONFIRMED borrower AFTER you, you only need 5 vouches

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