Thursday, January 2, 2014

neigh*borrow premium | how it works

As you know, we have experimented with a new model recently and are now ready to roll it out in the United States. 

Here's the deal. You can now have ANY ITEM you can find online or think of in your head delivered to your door within 7 days absolutely free.

There are only 2 rules.
  1. The item must cost less than $250 (and must be "reasonable" IE if you can find it on it's probably OK. 
  2. You must return the item in 15 days (if someone is waiting for it, 30 days if not. We will contact you on the 10th day to let you know when to put it back in your mailbox. Return shipping label is included)
2.5 Don't drink the Fizzy Lifting Drink. 

Here is how it works. 
  1. Request the item here
  2. Confirm your email and mailing address. 
  3. Receive the item in the mail in ten days or less with return shipping or pickup information. 
  1. Need the ubiquitous drill? just ask for it - 15 days is plenty of time to finish the project. 
  2. Need a drone? just ask for it - 15 days is plenty of time to try it out and see if you want to buy one
  3. Need a video camera? - 15 days is plenty of time to film your wedding and edit all the files (just ask Daniel )
Upgraded plans include faster delivery times, higher value items, and longer use. 

If you want to read more about why we "pivoted" to this model and the experiments that led us here... go here.

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