Saturday, December 29, 2012

No one washes a rental car? Wethinks not:)

Rental Car Agent: Would you like to purchase the renter's insurance? 
Jerry: Yeah, you better give me the insurance because I'm going to beat the HELL out of this thing. 

While it is true... people may have a tendency to use 15 towels at a hotel sometimes... there is another side to the story.

In fact, evidence is starting to suggest that people borrowing and renting things from other people, not corporations - are not only returning items in good condition, but returning them in BETTER condition than they received them. 

The golden rule is coming true:)

We recently lent out a camera  as part of an experiment - and it came back with a charger and a travel bag. We have had steam cleaners returned to other members with extra cleaning solution. Someone borrowed a tent and returned it with a bottle of wine from a vineyard near where they camped out.

And even personally, when I stayed at an Airbnb - I treated the place better than my own apartment:) I didn't even think of using more than one towel... even though, in my sordid past I may have used 2 in a hotel! 

When people have a vested interest in sharing and when it is personal... the tragedy of the commons turns into a romantic comedy of the commons. 

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Cathy Thorsen said...

I agree with this. People are basically loving. When people are not behaving lovingly, it is usually because they feel trapped in some unpleasant circumstance or other. They're not feeling the love.

The more acts of kindness we perform, smiles we give, hugs we share, and burdens we lift, the more people will be aware of love and the more loving environments we will create.

Being islands hasn't worked out well for us. Let's join up and become continents. :)