Monday, July 30, 2012

neighborrow on Facebook and Twitter.

neigh*borrow and social media are a natural fit. There is a resurgence of community groups that are actively borrowing and lending locally, on Facebook. These groups are in SeattleHouston, The Bay Area, Pittsburgh, Shreveport, British Columbia and more.

All groups enjoy $100 per transaction in lender insurance from day one.  The mayors of each group earn credits as the group grows. For example, after the first 50 members -we will buy you anything LENDABLE, to circulate in the group - when it is not used, it's yours.

Our experiments have proven that most of you don't want to list everything you own, even if we make it really easy! So the onus is on people who are requesting things to ask, and post a photo of what they need. If you have it - you just comment on the listing and you are covered, automatically, up to $100!

Click on a city to join the group, or START YOUR OWN:
  1. Chicago
  2. Houston
  3. Montreal
  4. Nyack
  5. NYC
  6. Peru, Nebraska
  7. San Francisco
  8. Seattle
  9. Shreveport
  10. Sydney, Australia
  11. York UK


josh porter said...

peru nebraska neighborrow

Melarish said...

Hi, I'd like to start a group in York, UK. I understand the mission :)

Melarish said...

York, UK

stephanie said...
Nyack, NY

Stephen Smith said...

London UK

Stephen Smith said...

subbob said...

Announcing the newly rebooted neigh*borrow Kansas City Facebook Group