Monday, December 6, 2010

You need the hole, not the drill.

Borrowing (heavily) from the simplistic experiment,, we are adding (another) experiment to neighborrow, We are building an inventory of every drill in America and creating a marketplace for short term use.

The page shows the real-time availability and current price for access to a power drill within 3 miles of your current location.

Rachel Botsman and Roo Rodgers point out in their book, "What's mine is yOURs" that the average drill is used between 7 and 13 minutes in its lifetime. They also guess there are around 50 million drills currently sitting in people's homes today.

That just doesn't make any sense! Even @ $50/drill (and power drills cost much more) people are paying $300 an HOUR just to own a drill. Silliness! We can do better than that. Let's see how many of them we can catalog (and help the other half of the households when they need a hole and not a drill).

Victor Papanec would be proud! 


Cynic said...

I use my drill a LOT more than that and I'm just an average guy, not building a home.

Adam Berk said...

Fair enough cynic:) It's just an average though... :)