Monday, May 10, 2010

Things you should be neigh*borrow-ing

neigh*borrow a BOOK instead of buying one. It's more fun, it's cheaper than buying, it's easier than going to the library. It saves paper. END OF STORY!

neigh*borrow SOMETHING FOR A VACATION. A CAMERA, TENT, A MEMORY CARD, A DVD PLAYER. We guarantee you will save money. We are not TRIPPING! 

neigh*borrow a VIDEO GAME or BOARD GAMES or a BOCCI SET. It's really easy. You don't get stuck buying something you will get board of. We are not TOYING WITH YOU! 

neigh*borrow BABY ITEMS. BABY TOYS, BABY CLOTHES. These items are the epitome of temporary use. Borrow the things you need from people close to you. Keep the things that are sentimental and lend out everything else. NO KIDDING!

neigh*borrow SOMETHING FOR A PARTY or HOUSE-GUESTS. An AEROBED, EXTRA TABLES AND CHAIRS. These are definitely things you need once in a while. They are things you need, but don't need to own. ISN'T THAT FUN!

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