Monday, April 26, 2010

Access to communal Wii @NYU!

We are running a promotion to celebrate the launch of neigh*borrow@NYU. After reaching the first 100 transactions on the site, neigh*borrow will purchase a new Wii gaming system that will be made available to all Premium members. Premium members will be able to request the Wii and use it for 3 days at a time, or until it is requested by someone else.

The faster we, as a community, get to 100 successful transactions, the faster we can play some Wii for free! So spread the word about neigh*borrow to others in the NYU community. More members... more transactions. More transactions... more money and resources saved. Oh, and quicker access to the Wii! Remember, if something can be used more than once by more than one person, it's "neigh*borrow-able."

Wii Promotion Details:
  • Wii will be purchased immediately following 100th qualifying transaction
  • Qualifying transactions must be completed through
  • Qualifying transactions must be between 2, unique members (at least one Premium member)
  • All members must have valid and confirmed email addresses
  • Both Premium and Basic item transactions qualify
  • neigh*borrow reserves the right to disqualify any transactions not deemed genuine or in good faith
  • Wii comes with one controller and Wii Sports (tennis, golf, baseball, bowling) -- but you can always neigh*borrow other games on the site!
  • Wii will be available to Premium members only and can be reserved for 3 days at a time, on a first come, first served basis (or until the Wii is requested by another Premium member)

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