Sunday, March 25, 2007

Borrow from your neighbors!

"With you make the most of the items you use least and pay the least for the items you want most!" is a global yet extremely localized, interactive, online library (glocal onlinebrary) which enables you to see the DVDs, books, CDs, games, tools, and other items that are available in your building or neighborhood, and allows you to check them out and borrow them, FREE. Now you can find (and borrow, trade, or donate) items in your neighborhood without compromising anyone's privacy, especially your own (all profiles can be private, addresses are kept private and exchanges can be anonymous if desired). Securely lend the items you rarely use but still want to own, trade or donate the items you don't want at all, and share the cost of new items. Finally, a fun, free, safe and practical way to get the most out of your stuff. Sharing with your neighbors really saves dollars and makes sense."

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